About Us

International Board for Education, Research and Development (IBERD)


Date of Establishment: March 14, 2019


International Board for Education, Research and Development (IBERD) is a non-profit organization founded by intellectual peers with the objective of spreading knowledge and gaining insights to new technologies and pedagogy, thereby making a positive societal impact in India and the global community. IBERD emphasizes on organization of innovative academic activities for school children, ingenious research programmes for college students and teachers, etc.
The Board plans to organize programmes for students which will help them in overall development through various activities like conferences, workshops, training programmes, soft skill development, etc. and to come up as a responsible citizen who can contribute substantially to the society. Students exchange programme with universities abroad is one of the missions of the Board.

Training programmes for teachers, interactive sessions, discussion forums, assistance for international linkages are the initiatives taken by the Board.
The Board provides a platform to share the innovative ideas where expertise is made available to incubate it into a project.
The depository on the website is the collection of e-content/s of activities conducted by the Board which increases the accessibility to the resources.
The IBERD is also coming up with a journal that will publish quality research articles after peer review.
Educational programmes to increase the entrepreneurial skills will be commenced by the Board to meet its vision of being resourceful.
Strengthening the goods producing industries and service sectors by giving exposure to the knowledge, skills, field trainings, hands-on, etc. to their representatives by experts from India and abroad is also an important activity of the Board.


To contribute to the nation through excellence in education and research and to be a valuable resource for society.


  • To create an ambience for innovations and linkages.
  • To collaborate with global academic and research institutes to strengthen the education and research ecosystem.
  • To associate with international organizations along with stakeholders to grab opportunities in the field of education and research.
  • To bridge resources between the Indian and foreign education systems by providing assistance for cultural and academic exchanges.
  • To partner with the research community to create a culture of high excellence.
  • To introduce realms in education and research to the students. 
  • To develop skills and strengthen the personality of the students through various co-curricular activities. 
  • To create resources for innovative educational pedagogy.
  • To provide a publishing platform for sharing research. 
  • To create an educational depository.
  • To commence short term Academic Programmes for college and school students.
  • To conduct training programmes for students and teachers.
  • To strengthen the service providing sector in the society by giving them essential exposure to the knowledge and skills.