Presidential Address

Dr. Minakshi Gurav

International Board for Education, Research and Development (IBERD) is a non-profit organization founded by intellectual peers with the objective of providing education and research platforms to achieve excellence. 

After understanding the complexities of working with diverse research teams and the need of expanding our knowledge horizons, we provide international confluence for research minds.

Educational opportunities in India and abroad are being continuously explored and evaluated and the information disseminated to our stakeholders through our programmes.

Creating an innovative teaching pedagogy arena would be a dream come true for IBERD! As the President, I believe that we have begun this journey towards achieving our dream through a series of well-planned activities that has set many milestones. 
We involve office bearers and all stakeholders in the planning of these activities and execute it meticulously. Transparency is the key aspect while executing the same.

Setting higher standards for achieving by raising our own capacities has helped us in striving hard for the betterment of the community especially in the field of education and research. I am sure with this dedication and untiring efforts we emerge successful!

This is not possible without the dynamic Board Members, efficient Office Bearers and sincere supportive Stakeholders. We expect your support and cooperation now and always!

Thank You!

Dr. Minakshi Gurav
President, IBERD